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    Izvesni publicisti u SAD tvrde da je postojala veza
    izmedju Josipa Broza Tita i
    zaverenika-atentatora na predsednika Kenedija. Evo sta o tome kaze Jim Keith u
    knjizi “Secret and suppressed – Banned ideas & hidden history”, za one koji znaju engleski i
    zainteresovani su da saznaju nesto vise: “…The number of steps in the winding
    stair are “odd” although no less so than
    the fact that this Tito or Harodim is a name translating as “those who rule over” the activities of the temple of Solomon.

    The winding stair
    of this temple, according to the Masons, begins at the porch and winds
    to a level purified by the Divine
    Presence (Shekinah) and dominated by the Divine Strength (Oswald).

    President Kennedy
    preceded Tito down the stairs to a portrait of the assassinated
    President Garfield, where he was
    photographed and another picture was
    taken on the stairs before a picture of Lincoln (recall the black walnut rocker
    of JFK, comparable to the black walnut rocker Lincoln was assassinated in: the “Lincoln
    Continental” limousine which Kennedy was shot and the thousand other parallels between the two

    men). It’s unfortunate that President Kennedy
    didn’t trip Tito and then slide down the

    stair-rail, for he was in very bad symbolic position, as related to
    Masonic sorcery, and such unorthodox
    action might have rattled the “Prince
    of Harodim”…” (Vidi: Jim Keith, Secret and suppressed – Banned ideas & hidden history, Feral House, 2008, p.

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